Frequently asked questions


Q: Where do I park?


A: There is unrestricted parking on Sundays outside the church and in Norfolk Road and Elgin Road as well as some on Meads Lane. We just ask that you try to avoid parking in a way that inconveniences residents.


Q: What should I wear?


A: Jeans, shorts, casuals, suit – anything that makes you feel comfortable.


Q: Where should I sit?


A: Anywhere you like, we want you to feel welcome.


Q: Whom will I meet?


A: Approx 30 people of all ages and nationalities regularly attend our church. We are a friendly church so expect someone to say hello. Tea and coffee are served after the service.


Q: How long will the service last?


A: We start between 10am and 10.15am and the service lasts approximately 60 - 80 minutes.


Q: What facilities are available for children and babies?


A: Crèche facilities are available at every service. Children go to their teaching groups mid-service. If your children or babies want to stay throughout the service, that’s fine. We have baby-changing facilities. Please ask if you need any help.


Q: Is there a money collection?


A: Yes there is a collection although many regular attendees give by bank standing order. If you have not come prepared for this, don’t worry; just pass the plate on to the next person.


Q: What is Communion?


A: Generally on the 1st Sunday of each month, the services include Communion. In these services, bread and wine (non-alcoholic) are served to remember Jesus’ death and the debt he paid for us.


Q: Should I take Communion?


A: The bread and wine are available to all who believe Jesus to be their Saviour (it doesn’t matter what other church you might normally attend). If you don’t believe or are unsure, just let the bread and wine pass you by.